Vipadenant (V2006)

Vipadenant (V2006)

Vipadenant (V2006) is a small molecule, adenosine A2A receptor antagonist that was being investigated in Parkinson's disease. Due to safety concerns development ceased in 2010 and the rights were regained from Biogen Idec in 2011 with no further investment made. In October 2014, RedoxTherapies licensed Vipadenant as it has the potential to disrupt an immunosuppressive mechanism of tumour protection, generating improved efficacy for immunotherapies of certain cancers when used in combination with other drugs. RedoxTherapies is a private, Boston based start-up company that is the exclusive licensee of National Institute of Health (USA) intellectual property in the field of using extracellular adenosine receptor inhibitors in combination with immune-oncology therapies. The detailed financial terms of the licence agreement with Redox are not disclosed, but Vernalis can earn income upon RedoxTherapies' achievement of milestones and royalties on successful clinical, regulatory and commercial advancement.

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